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  1. Nice to see your website, I have heard about your marvelous achievement from our batchmates, and fell proud of you,Keep it up. ,a great benefit to the nation, please give your brief biodata in the GEMS-67-Information so that others can be benefited.
    A small introduction about myself,we are from the same batch during graduation, After that, I have done my M.D. in Pharmacology from King George’s Medical College(KGMU), Lucknow in 1976 and from there i shifted to Central Drug Institute(CDRI),Lko in 1997 and last year i superannuated as Head, Pharmacology Division & Senior Dy. Director, presently working as Associate Prof in Pharmacology in Saraswati Dental/Medical college, Lko. and doing my practice. Please do come to Lucknow ,here we have more than 18 batchmates,we will have a get- together and a great fun.- Dr Gautam Palit,

  2. Very impressive profile of great educationist and practitioner in service of women health. I salute the expertise of Dr. Sadhana Kala and her work in mitgatong misery of women as well as helping not so lucky couples who find difficult to conceive.

  3. We applaud your noble services to humanity.
    Heartiest wishes.

    Serving mothers for an healthy n happy life ~ a cause deserves- Salute !

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