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Ban On The Life-saving Drug Oxytocin: What It Means To Us


“Oxytocin is a very vital drug” – Dr Shivani Chaturvedi
“Too much risk for too little benefit?” – Dr (Prof) Sadhana Kala

India has banned formulation of oxytocin by private companies, and its sale by retail chemists, from 31 August 2018.

Dr (Prof) Sadhana Kala, Best gynaecologist, Laparoscopic surgeon and best Infertility specialist in Delhi, explained the reason for the ban to SheThePeople.TV. She said, “Oxytocin is misused in the dairy industry to make livestock release milk at a time convenient to the farmer. It is also used to increase the size of vegetables such as pumpkins, watermelons, brinjals, gourds and cucumbers. To prevent such misuse, the govt. has banned the formulation of oxytocin for domestic use by the private manufacturer. The ban is effective from 31 August 2018. For domestic use, oxytocin will be formulated only by KAPL – a public sector company – and supplied to registered hospitals and clinics. Oxytocin in any form or name will not be sold through retail chemist.”

Dr Kala, best Infertility doctor in Delhi, feels, “It is a good move by the govt. But the supply chain will have to be worked out. So that the hospitals and clinics get a regular and uninterrupted supply of oxytocin from KPCL.”

Dr (Prof) Sadhana Kala, Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in South Delhi, said to SheThePeople.TV, “Oxytocin has been widely used for active management of labour since 1969 to augment the insufficient uterine action when labour was slower than average; and to reduce the caesarean section rate. However, recent studies in the UK have shown that in more than two third of the cases oxytocin use was injudicious resulting in disciplinary action and litigation and malpractice settlement; that reduction in caesarean section rate was marginal; and labour was shorter by 1.3 hours. Oxytocin will continue to have a place in childbirth. But the question will remain whether such marginal benefits justify the risk of use of Oxytocin. Too much risk for too little benefit?”

NB:Oxytocin is the first choice drug to prevent bleeding in women after childbirth. – WHO; and is listed as a life-saving drug in the National List of Essential Medicines. – Dr (Prof) Sadhana Kala