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  1. We have known Dr Sadhana Kala since last 25yrs.She is a superb Dr who understands d Patient’s problem & cures it Properly. Being a Gynecologist she has been working on infertility & an expert in her field.As a Dr she is a great humanbeing &her Professional knowledge & dedication to her job is remarkable & par excellence.We wish her d Best in life.

  2. Ma’am is the perfect example of excellence beyond limitations…..she is the definition of perfection,credibility and most importantly love and affection…She is a healer…a mentor…a guide in true sense….!!!A ray of positivity and humbleness…Maam I am fortunate to know a person like you!!!

  3. Ma’am z excellence par boundaries…she is the definition of perfection…credibility n humility….I am so lucky n honoured to know a person like Dr.Sadhana Kaka.. She is indeed the best gynaecologist n an amazing human being!!!!

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